Our Vision

ABSA Water Engineering Ltd aspires to become one of world class organizations that demonstrates integrity, and professionalism in engineering and every field of experts.


Mission Statement

ABSA Water Engineering Ltd will concentrate on production of world class water engineering systems that works until you forget you had them. Supply and installation of water engineering machines, water treatment, drilling of boreholes, pumps installation and swimming pools construction is our main focus.


Why Us

To constantly innovate and improve upon ourselves to deliver reliable products and services that would remain the gold-standard in the water treatment industry.

Water Features

At a time when an increasing emphasis is being placed on the need to create a welcoming ambience in the Work, Study or Urban Space environment for the benefit of employees, students and the general public, whilst also seeking out opportunities to elicit a favorable impression from visitors to a company’s headquarters, so the desire to enhance the aesthetic qualities of the commercial landscape is growing.
We prides Ourself as an exciting innovative company that strives to provide the future of bespoke water feature and fountain design with dynamic specialist solutions to all specifications. The creation of totally inspirational water features, water sculpture and water fountain displays using a broad array of materials to the highest specification and finish has been the backbone of our service Innovations Success.

This allows truly amazing bespoke water features to be created in many environments including Private Gardens, Commercial company premises, Urban Open Spaces, Leisure & Retail developments, covering both interior & external water features & fountains. Technical expertise in materials, water chemistry and hydraulics enables our Innovations to offer a diverse range of skills including innovative CAD, manufacturing, installation skills providing a complete turnkey service.

Why our services

  • We seek and embrace new ideas and technologies to create solutions, improve performance, and increase customer satisfaction.
  • We take ownership of our decisions, actions and results and are responsible to our customers, colleagues, and stakeholders.
  • We strive to be honest and ethical in all of our dealings and to maintain the highest standards of conduct. We believe in treating people with respect and fairness.

Designs Include:

  • Water Walls & Sculpture
  • Mirror and Reflection Water Pools
  • Ripple Water Features
  • Monolithic Fountains
  • Animated Fountains to Streams
  • Lakes and Ponds Designs
  • Absa Water Engineering

    What We Do ?

    We have the capacity and experience to undertake a range of services from the onset of a project to its completion. Our clients include Government ministries, Local Authorities, Corporate organizations, Public and Private companies, Religious Organisations, as well as individuals. Some of the projects which we have undertaken are shown in our portfolio.


    We can design new water treatment systems or repair existing systems to meet expectations or site conditions.
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    We are the leaders in supply of renowned water pump brands in the country. Some of the brands in our inventory include Honda,
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    We continue to build our solid reputation for excellence and response, while delivering reliable and tailored solutions to meet the
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    The coin operated water refilling machine purifies water, providing Kenyans much needed access to affordable clean water.
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    We specialize in providing borehole drilling services to homeowners, businesses, and agricultural operations.
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    Absa Water Engineering Company is a single-source company who have worked with numerous contractors, we understand that
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    Our Gallery

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